mold maintaining

Successful Completion of 2023 Goals Sets the Stage for a Promising 2024

In 2023, we successfully achieved all planned targets and are now embarking on a promising 2024. The majority of our year-end efforts were dedicated to the implementation of our new fully integrated ODOO ERP system, enabling us to manage all material movements both externally and internally. As the RA team, we are confident that this system will contribute to even better On-Time Delivery (OTD) numbers in the coming years.

Simultaneously, our technical team has been diligently reassessing molds from our valued customers. This evaluation aims to understand the current status and any operational deviations observed over the past 12 months. Our goal is to communicate effectively with clients during upcoming budget discussions in their organizations, providing insights on necessary planning. This proactive approach helps us minimize unexpected breakdown situations, which are rare occurrences as they bring about surprise, stress, and an unforeseen workload, both internally and for our customers.